Climate Change and the Historic Environment

This week Historic Environment Scotland has published a “Guide to Climate Change Impacts on Scotland’s Historic Environment“. It can be downloaded <here>

The guide identifies many of the risks and hazards of climate change that are facing Scotland’s historic environment. Aimed at owners, local communities and those who care for historic sites it offers routes to take action, adapt and enhance resilience to climate change.

In the past our historic environment has demonstrated an extraordinary ability to survive and cope with periods of change. However, you don’t have to live in Scotland to be concerned about changes beyond what would normally be experienced, and to fear that further changes are unavoidable.

The potential impacts are wide-ranging and the guide is detailed, but it uses impact tables to provide a simple structure and an accessible starting point. Take a look if you want to know more about the key hazards and impacts of climate change on the historic environment. It will help you to engage in conversations about solutions that might help protect historic assets, or even the options to manage deterioration where no alternatives can be found.

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