Conservation officers

Northumberland County Council Conservation officers in the Environment and Design Team can be contacted <here>.

For home owners

Thinking of buying one of Alnwick’s historic buildings?

  • There’s guidance from Historic England <here>
  • You can join Alnwick Civic Society <here>.

Conservation areas exist to protect the features that make a place special. What does it mean to live in Alnwick Conservation area?

  • From Historic England <here>
  • From Northumberland County Council <here>

Listed buildings are considered nationally important so have extra legal protection. What does it mean to live in a listed building?

  • From Historic England.<here>.
  • From Northumberland County Council <here>.
  • Preparing a Heritage Statement <here>.
  • Historic Timber Windows <here>.

Our Local Planning Authority is Northumberland County Council.

  • Do I need planning permission? <here>
  • Search, view and comment on planning applications <here>
  • Planning guidance from Alnwick Town Council <here>

Climate action

  • Improving energy efficiency, reducing carbon emissions, thermal upgrading of windows and maintenance of traditional buildings<here>.

For independent business

The visual appeal of the town centre is critical to attracting visitors and retaining a vibrant business community.  The Civic Society was proud to produce Alnwick’s first Shopfront Design Guide, and we are proud to be associated with the development of a new guide. This is in line with national policy and it provides the Town Council and the Planning Authority with a set of clear criteria for assessing and determining applications for planning permission and listed building consent. It can be downloaded <here>.