Heritage Protection

Alnwick and Denwick are both rich in heritage with over 300 protected sites, some dating back into prehistory. These are all identified on a map maintained by Alnwick Civic Society – click <here>.

Heritage Legislation

Listing is used as the primary protection for buildings, and is managed (within England) by Historic England. There are three levels of designation:

  • Grade I: Are of exceptional interest
  • Grade II*: Are particularly important buildings of more than special interest
  • Grade II: Are of special interest warranting every effort to preserve them

Conservation Areas

In addition to the national systems of protection, local authorities can designate part of a town or village as a Conservation Area. This ensures any developments or changes in that area are given extra scrutiny through the planning system. Alnwick town centre is such a conservation area. For a map of Alnwick’s conservation area – click <here>

Local Heritage Lists

The Local Heritage List is a mechanism which is used by many local authorities to identify special places which do not qualify for more formal protection. Being on this ‘local list’ doesn’t bring any additional planning requirements or other constraints, so adds no burden to an owner. Instead, the list is intended to raise awareness of the important buildings and places which are important to a community’s identity.

The Local Heritage List needs to be adopted by the local authority – Northumberland County Council. The NCC are hoping to obtain funds to allow Local Heritage Lists to be supported across the county, but at this point in time, the project is not being actively worked on.

Buildings of Note

We see great value to identifying non-protected buildings which contribute to Alnwick and Denwick’s distinctive local identity – in effect our ‘sense of place’. This work may also provide the foundation for a Local Heritage List, should these be supported in the future….. more <here>.

Heritage at Risk

The systems of protection, in the main, deal with the avoidance of damage to important assets. Historic England also operate the Heritage at Risk programme which works with owners, friends groups, developers and other stakeholders to find solutions for ‘at risk’ historic places and sites across England. There are currently three sites within the Alnwick and Denwick area which are deemed to be ‘at risk’.…. more <here>.