Buildings of Note

What is a Building of Note?

There is no right answer to this. There are a number of criteria which we are using to assess a place for inclusion. Click <here> to see the list.

Former library, Green Batt; It was one of the first school buildings in Alnwick and important to the history of the town. The belfry and the commemorative plaque are particularly interesting.

Allerburn House and Lodge; As well as making an important contribution of the character of the town, it is a good example of the work of Alnwick based architect F R Wilson.

Old Co-Op, Fenkle Street; Built in 1907 in the Arts and Crafts style, this building, though more modern than its neighbours, evokes a unique style.

How do I contribute?

Once you have an idea for inclusion in the local list:

  1. Check <here> to see whether the asset is already protected
  2. Fill in the form <here>