Local Heritage List

What is a Local Heritage List?

The Local Heritage List is a mechanism which is used by many local authorities to identify special places which do not qualify for more formal protection. Being on this ‘local list’ doesn’t bring any additional planning requirements or other constraints, so adds no burden to an owner. Instead, the list is intended to raise awareness of the important buildings and places which are important to a community’s identity. It will be important, however, to allay any concerns that owners might have and to ensure their involvement in the process.

The Local Heritage List needs to be adopted by the local authority – Northumberland County Council – but once adopted, it will be used within the planning process to inform decisions about future developments. The list will make clear which buildings and places are important to the local community, helping to ensure developments are handled sympathetically. Being on the list may also help owners to access advice and assistance, so as to better protect the character of their property. And in creating the list, the local community has the opportunity to really consider what it is that makes their area distinctive.

How do we create a Local Heritage List?

The Neighbourhood Plan for Alnwick and Denwick calls for the creation for a Local Heritage List. The Alnwick Civic Society is exploring how such a list might be created, initially by calling on members to submit their ideas for the places that could be included.

Which places can be considered?

There is no right answer to this. There are a number of criteria which will be used when assessing a place for inclusion. Click <here> to see the list.

Examples might include the building on Bondgate Without which today houses the squash club. This is a distinctive building which stands out in the approach to the town. It also has an important link to the town’s history, being originally built as workshop, offices and showroom for Hardy’s, one of our most famous local businesses.

How do I contribute?

Once you have an idea for inclusion in the local list:

  1. Check <here> to see whether the asset is already protected
  2. Fill in the form <here>