The local board and their fever hospital

Ann Richardson, widow, Alnwick, was summoned at the instance of the Local Board Health for unlawfully obstructing the execution of an order made by the justices of the peace requiring her son to be removed to a hospital for infectious diseases at Alnwick. Mr. Robert Middlemas, solicitor, Clerk to the Local Board, represented that body … Continue reading The local board and their fever hospital

Alnwick’s historic sewerage

Following the Cholera Outbreak in 1849, Alnwick installed one of the most advanced sewage sytems in the world. The pipes ran down Clayport, Fenkle Street, Narrowgate and Bow Alley; to join others along Green Batt, Bondgate and Green Well Lane. From Barneyside they ran parallel to the river – to a point opposite Waterside House, … Continue reading Alnwick’s historic sewerage