Simple rules for seaside enjoyment

1. Before leaving home, study your trains, pack trunks the day before, don’t forget anything, and avoid hurry and excitement. 2. Look for rooms quietly, in a clean quiet street, or suburb, and see that the rooms are clean and airy. 3. Do nothing at all the first day. 4. Rise early every morning, soap … Continue reading Simple rules for seaside enjoyment

Settmakers and stoneworkers journal, October 1926

Sir,—Surveyors have been experimenting for years with sections of roads of different materials, and now it is announced that the Ministry of Transport is going to do the same. No doubt much new and valuable scientific data will be obtained, but is it necessary to wait for the result of future experiment when there is … Continue reading Settmakers and stoneworkers journal, October 1926

Isolation Hospital

The Isolation Hospital was three miles south of Alnwick, and intended for treatment of Smallpox. It was jointly operated by Alnwick Urban and Rural District Councils, Amble, Belford and Rothbury. The World Health Organisation declared that Smallpox had been eradicated in 1980. Before that, there were two forms of the virus. Variola major was the … Continue reading Isolation Hospital