October 21st

Dodd’s Lane in 1975

Some remember October 21st for Nelson’s Victory at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. Some remember the birth of Dizzie Gilespie in 1917 or Peter Mandelson in 1953. On October 21st 1962 John F. Kennedy was preparing to brief the American public on the Cuban Missile Crisis. October 21st 1966 was the last day that double agent George Blake spent in Wormwood Scrubs before he escaped to Russia. We choose to remember October 21st 1975 – the day when five buildings along Dodd’s Lane were listed by the Department of the Environment.

Working from north to south they include shops on Market street, two terraces of houses, the Cross House and the walls that define some burgage plots:

  • 39 Market Street including the Hat Shop“. This is the building that incorporates the two shops on each side of the arch into Dodd’s Lane (now Bonny Hoose and Farm Bakery). The building dates from the early 19th century, one of the shop fronts is late 19th century, the other is 20th century.
  • Terrace on the East Side and at the rear of number 39 Market Street“. A row of small cottages dating from the mid-to the late 19th century
  • 5 Dodd’s Lane (The Cross House)” dates from before 1851. With two storeys, an ashlar wall to the south, and rubble wall to the north. A through passage on the east side, joins the two sections of Dodd’s Lane.
  • Burgage walls between No 5 and Cornmarket Market Street and between No 5 and the Terrace on east side of Dodd’s Lane” probably date from the mid 19th century. They are about eight feet high, built of rubble with thick and thin courses that alternate
  • Terrace of 4 Houses on West Side, to North of wall and rear of 2 Greeen Batt“. Originally a smithy, dating from mid 19th century (before 1851).

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