The road not travelled…


In last issue the requirements of the town, or the wishes of some parties to have Prudhoe Street extended right through to the station is again brought before the notice of the public. Supposing that the land lying to the south of Alnwick was at this present time available for building purposes, I do not think any intelligent surveyor or estate agent would start to carry Prudhoe Street right through as proposed. The best way would be to have the road by Dovecot Lane: the reason why is, that as the largest amount of traffic would have to be on that route it would not be wise to have that traffic from the station to Mr Reavell’s new house, and then turn down Green Bat, but to make the road by Dovecot Lane, Green Bat (pulling down the house facing East at Monkhouse Square), and carrying the road forward (by way of Narrow Lane) on the wall at Swansfield, thence, if necessary, to Clayport, Lisburn Street to be carried forward to Swansfield wall, and streets made to correspond with Howick Street. This could only be done by someone, or company, or municipal body, buying up the different owners. To carry a street from Lisburn street to Clayport, as has been proposed throughout this paper, would be be a waste of land. Supposing this was the proper route, and the land lying to the south was required, and could be obtained for building purposes, the next thing would be to drive a road from Grey Place to the new road from Hope House to the station, next make another road or street from north side of Workhouswe to Greensfield Road, a little to the north of the footpath, through the allotments. Once the main roads were made the thing would be as simple as A B C. As for Prudhoe Street it could be extended to Grey Place, or remain as at present until the new road was made through the Duke School gardens.

I am, yours, etc. Ratepayer, 7 March, 1896

OS Map revised 1897, published 1899. Reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland.

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