Recognise that accent?

The Office of National Statistics publishes estimates of the numbers who move into Northumberland and the numbers who move out. Last year they reckon that half of those who moved into Northumberland came from the North-East. Roughly a third came from immediately south of the county: 21% from Newcastle upon Tyne, and 15% from North Tyneside. Scotland accounted for 7% of inward migration, and international migration accounted for 4%.

Northumberland is not unique in seeing a spike in the number of people who move when they are in their late teens and early 20s. For Northumberland inward migration peaks among those in their early twenties, and there’s a sharp rise in outward migration among those in their late teens. Inward migration rises again among those in their late 50s and 60s.

Among children and adults aged 30-65, men and women account for equal numbers of moves, but for adults aged under 30 and adults aged over 65 women account for about 55% of moves. This proportion matches the mix across the population aged over 65, and the national mix of those who move in their 20s.

These estimates are produced by the Office of National Statistics for the whole of Northumberland and they relate to 2018-9. From what we hear about current activity in Alnwick, we should expect an interesting year ahead.

1Newcastle upon Tyne16.9%
2North Tyneside14.8%
4North West6.7%
6County Durham5.5%
7South East5.0%
9East Midlands4.2%
11West Midlands3.2%
13South West3.0%
15South Tyneside2.0%
16Other North-east (mainly Teesside)2.0%
19Northern Ireland0.4%

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