£2bn for cycling and walking

Yeterday Grant Schapps announced a £2 billion package for cycling and walking. We’ve juggled with various ways that £2bn might be allocated, and we reckon that a fair share for Alnwick would be around £350,000 – £500,000. That would be enough to fund:

  • A short section of dedicated cycle infrastructure. For example, converting a section of the old Cornhill line trackbed between South Road and Willowburn to relieve congestion on Wagonway Road.
  • A longer section of safe mixed-use cycle infrastructure to encourage sustainable shopping trips, relieve pressure on parking and improve footfall in the town centre.
  • Resurfacing enough of the former Cornhill line to provide a level recreational cycle route across Alnwick Moor towards Edlingham.
  • A cycle bridge across the A1 to provide holiday-makers with a link between the national cycle network, the new cycle path along the Aln Valley Railway, and the visitor attractions of Alnwick.
What would be your priority?

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