Peter’s mill

In this extract Skelly takes us on another walk that will be familiar to most in Alnwick. It leads from Denwick Lane to the bridge at Peter’s Mill then Fisher Lane. Skelly was writing this more than 100 years ago.

After reaching the end of the pasture park, and bidding adieu to a spot so remarkable for its associations and scenery, you arrive at the Denwick Road. If you are wishful to reach the town without any great loss of time, then the best course is to cross the bridge in a southerly direction.

To the north is the village of Denwick; but the most delightful walk is by the verge of the river. From the bridge to Denwick Mill, the Aln runs in a zigzag fashion, and for the whole of the distance,the scenery is rich and secluded When arrived at the Mill, you may either cross the river by means of the ” stepping stones,” an old and rustic custom, or you may accomplish your purpose by taking advantage of a new wooden structure that has recently been erected. On the opposite side of the water, a footpath leads to the town by way of the old “Fisher’s Lane,” and a newly formed carriage road communicateswith the Alnmouth turnpike.

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