Walks about the town

In 1889, the the “Alnwick and County Gazette and Steam Printing Co., Limited” published the second Edition of “A Historical Guide to Alnwick, and the immediate neighbourhood, Containing Valuable Information Relating to the TOWN CASTLE, AND BARONY. Also, a Minute Survey and Description of the Recent Excavations at ALNWICK ABBEY and HOLN PRIORY, Together with Other Objects of Interest in the District.” by George Skelly. It included a section on Walks about the Town.

Few towns in the kingdom are so favourably situated for scenery and beautiful walks as Alnwick. It makes little difference what part of the town you are situated in, for, from any point,you may with little trouble find your way to wander amongst glens and waterfalls, or in the more open breezes of cultivated fields and moorland scenery“.

The map shows the walks that Skelly described. We include them here to suggest a wider range of walks around Alnwick, where it should be easier to achieve social distancing, and there’s no need to take the car.

It is hardly possible in a limited space to enter minutely into the many public walks that exist about the town and neighbourhood, but for the sake of enumerating a few, we will commence at the top of Rotten Row…. (continued – <here>)…

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