2019 Christmas Shop Window Competition

Over the three years that Alnwick Civic Society has been running its Christmas Shop Window Competition the judging has become harder. More shops are dressing their windows, and the quality has progressed to some intensively prepared and crafted scenarios.

This year, after lengthy deliberation the judges chose Elemental in Fenkle Street and The Beehive in Narrowgate.

Elemental filled its long window space with a detailed representation of a room dressed for Christmas, but with an unexpected twist. A number of naughty (and a bit rude!) elves are creating mayhem.

Members of Alnwick Civic Society presenting the award to Jemma Archbald and Cerys Williams of Elemental

Samantha Horborough of The Beehive accepting the award from David Lovie, of Alnwick Civic Society

At the Beehive a wild outdoor scene is fitted into a narrow window, with a golden haired Snow Queen riding a swan towards the onlooker.

The Judges also commended two other Christmas windows: the exquisite tresses of decorations at Emporium on Narrowgate and the silver landscape illuminated with sparkling electric blue lights at M.A. Tailoring in Bow Alley.

We thank all the traders who have made such efforts to make the shop windows of Alnwick’s centre such a delight for our community and our visitors in Christmas 2019, and welcome the extra nativities which Christians Together in Alnwick have been encouraging and supplying, to add deeper meaning.

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