Tour of Britain

Were you inspired by the Tour of Britain passing through Alnwick? Are you looking for an excuse to get your bike out of the garage, and go for a ride?

You might have noticed the announcement last week that £20 million will be invested in upgrades to the National Cycle Network. <here>. However, the nearest of the listed projects is more than 100 miles from Alnwick. We can suggest some routes, but you should probably allow a day or two to get there. (see table below)

On the other hand you might prefer to look into some of the excellent cycling closer to home. and

ProjectApprox distance (miles)Suggested route
Creating a new pedestrian and cycleway, the Gooseholme Bridge in Kendal119
Building a traffic-free and accessible HS2 corridor from Sheffield to Doncaster174
Re-routing the Fylde coastal path to become traffic-free, between Blackpool and St. Anne’s175
Improving accessibility and safety of the Liverpool Loopline196
Improving signage and building a new crossing for the Wolverhampton Wayfinding.287
Constructing a new traffic-free path alongside HS2 in Buckinghamshire348
Improve the quality of the existing Bristol and Bath railway path405

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