Shopfront design guides: a collection

Individual shopfronts provide the main platform for a trader to promote their presence. Together they help shape the character of a town. Within conservation areas it is particularly important that shopfronts and signage are well designed and relate to their surroundings.

Shopfronts are an integral part of every high street, and many planning policies include a Shopfront Design Guide as a Supplementary Planning Document, or Material Consideration. Here are some examples of the guidelines that others have developed:

  • Bedlington & Newbiggin <here>
  • Berwick upon Tweed <here>
  • Blyth <here>
  • Bradford <here>
  • Bristol <here>
  • Cornwall <here>
  • East Cambridgeshire <here>
  • Fife <here>
  • Harrogate <here>
  • Hastings <here>
  • Hexham <here>
  • Highland Council <here>
  • Ipswich <here>
  • Kensington & Chelsea <here>
  • Newcaste-upon-Tyne <here>
  • Northumberland Coast AONB <here>
  • Peak District National Park <here>
  • Peterborough <here>
  • Richmond <here>
  • Rother District Council <here>
  • Ryedale <here>
  • South Lanarkshire <here>
  • South Oxfordshire <here>

English Historic Towns Forum <here>

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