Summer outing

Our summer outing this year was to the Bowl Hole Ossuary, in the crypt of St Aidan’s Church, at Bamburgh.

It was fascinating to learn about the excavation of a 7th century burial ground, and the results of the scientific analysis that followed. Then the creation of a modern ossuary in the crpyt of St Aidan’s Church, to provide a fitting resting place for over 100 members of the court of St Oswald, King of Northumbria.

Oswald established his court at Bamburgh after he unified Bernicia and Deira to create the kingdom of Northumbria. He brought monks from Iona to spread Christianity across his kingdom. Today it is difficult for us to appreciate the impact that these 7th century people of Bamburgh made on history. It was a privilege for us to have an early insight into the work that is under way to interpret the story.

Our thanks to Jessica Turner for a fascinating visit. You can lean more <here>, and may be interested to know that they are looking for volunteers <here>.

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