Local Transport Plan 2019-20

The local transport plan for 2019/20 is published <here>. It covers schemes worth £18,591,500 in total. There are some county-wide initiatives that might have an impact locally, but we have spotted the following items specifically for Alnwick. Have we missed anything?

  • Improve pedestrian access routes acros s the cobbles (£20,000)
  • Continue design and consultation on streetscape improvement in Narrowgate / Bondgate (£20,000)
  • Safe crossing point for pedestrians at Victoria Terrace (£5,000)
  • Carriageway repairs on Market Street (£60,000)
  • Carriageway and footway repairs on Alwynside (£70,000)
  • Carriageway repairs on St Thomas Crescent (£100,000)
  • Peter’s Mill bridge refurbishment (£10,000)

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