Charging points

In March 2019 the BBC Shared Data Unit reported that a “patchy” network of charging points was discouraging UK drivers from embracing electric cars. The link is <here>.

The results of their analysis have been taken up by local media because Northumberland came out particularly well in the BBC analysis. They reckon the average distance between charging points in Northumberland is under 3km, and that drivers in Northumberland can access 85 different charge points. This is the fifth highest number for any Local Authority.

We thought it would be worth checking out the current situation in Alnwick. But things got confusing because different databases show different locations and different numbers of charge points.

Having taken a look we think the reality in Alnwick in late April 2019 is that there are three locations where the general public have access to vehicle charging points :

  • Greenwell Road Car Park
  • Willowburn Leisure Centre Car Park
  • Infirmary Drive.

There are also charging points for customers and / or employees at Blackshaws on Lionheart Enterprise Park, outside the office of Challenging Learning at Cawledge Business Park and at Ventex House on Willowburn Trading Estate.

The BBC analysis was based on data collected by Open Charge Map. If we are right, then the local situation is a bit better than the Open Charge Map suggests. It would be nice to know whether we have understood this properly – or not. So please let us know if you have information that is more up-to-date.

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