Street pride

The Society has been chosen as lead organisation for a ‘street pride’ campaign to reduce street clutter. We started with a pilot survey, on a cold Saturday by committee members Peter, Gill, Susan, Mary, John and David (the photographer – so not pictured). Our list of redundant and excessive signage, inappropriate parking, obsolete and damaged street furniture, etc. will form the basis for further analysis. More (warmer) surveys are planned. If you would be interested in participating please get in touch.

There are various lines of action which can assist the management of conservation areas by ensuring that change enhances character and appearance rather than harms them. Such coordination includes: …A detailed audit of the public realm to identify the best way to minimise physical obstruction and visual clutter and integrate new signs or street furniture in the design of the street as a whole…

From Conservation Area Appraisal, Designation and Management (Historic England Advice Note) <here>

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