Schools Inquiry Commission

Report on the Duke’s School, Alnwick, 1868 The Duke’s school at Alnwick, a school wholly supported by the Duke of Northumberland, was originally an elementary school attended by 200 boys. The number has lately been reduced to 100, and the education raised in character, though the subjects of instruction are confined to English. This change, … Continue reading Schools Inquiry Commission

So may this stone remain in the market as a historic memorial

In 1695 John Nesbit and John Gair were paid 1 shilling for this stone, and another 7s. 11d. for attaching an iron ring. In 1871 J. A. Wilson explained what the stone was for. “One of the favourite, but most disgusting, sports to which people of Alnwick were formerly addicted was that of bull-baiting, which … Continue reading So may this stone remain in the market as a historic memorial

Secondhand September

Many Alnwick buildings have found a new purpose. There are numerous examples. The Maltings and both former Workhouses are now residential. Plans have been prepared to convert 2, Bailiffgate and Sion Chapel to hotels. Historic England have used the conversion of St Mary’s Church to Bailiffgate Museum as a case study in sustainability. So when … Continue reading Secondhand September