Public Spaces Protection Orders

The Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill is currently making its way through parliament, and recently passed committee stage. Among other things, it will introduce a “Public Spaces Protection Order”, to prevent specified things being done in specified public places. The idea is to introduce a simplified alternative which replaces Dog Control Orders (use of leads, control … Continue reading Public Spaces Protection Orders


Normally more than 200 people in Northumberland complete an apprenticeship related to construction, planning or the built environment each year. That’s around 1.2% of all such apprenticeships in England. Not bad, considering that Northumberland represents just 0.6% of the population of England. Last year, however, the number in Northumberland dropped from 200 to just 40. … Continue reading Apprenticeships

August 1st (1809)

A violent thunder storm, accompanied with rain and hail, took place at Alnwick; the electric fluid entered the house of Major Castles, and shivered a bed-stead to pieces, tore the wall in several places, and completely demolished the bell wires; a servant maid was in the bedroom, but escaped unhurt; it left such a sulphureous smell in the house that they could scarcely breathe in it for some time.

Planning performance

Today DCLG released interim planning performance statistics. The measures are based on the speed of decisions (% of decisions within 13 weeks) and the quality of decisions (% overturned on appeal). Among all district councils Northumberland comes out better than average on quality, and worse than average on speed. Measure Speed (% decided in 13 … Continue reading Planning performance

Twitter followers

We currently have over 250 followers on Twitter. Almost half are businesses, 30% are individuals, and the remainder are different types of society and voluntary organisations. Business 46% Arts / culture / media 9% Accomodation 8% Property services 6% Food and drink 6% Attraction / activity 5% Retail 4% Other 4% Business services 3% Individuals … Continue reading Twitter followers