Rugley and Mossyford railway bridges

Highways England Historical Railways Estate is responsible for bridges, abutments, tunnels, cuttings, viaducts etc. associated with closed railway lines. They are proposing to infill two bridges on the former Cornhill branch. One is at Rugley and and the other at Mossyford. The possibility of future development is not a valid reason to object to such … Continue reading Rugley and Mossyford railway bridges

£2bn for cycling and walking

Yeterday Grant Schapps announced a £2 billion package for cycling and walking. We’ve juggled with various ways that £2bn might be allocated, and we reckon that a fair share for Alnwick would be around £350,000 – £500,000. That would be enough to fund: A short section of dedicated cycle infrastructure. For example, converting a section … Continue reading £2bn for cycling and walking