Newlsetter corections and clarrifications

Alert readers of our newsletter may have noticed several spelling mistakes and one factual error in the recent (November 2013) edition of the Civic Society Newsletter. We will leave readers to spot the spelling mistakes, but this is  an early opportunity to correct the factual error: Alnwick Playhouse dates from 1925, not 1926. We understand that we are not alone in making this mistake, and we are pleased to be able to correct it online here. We will publish another correction in the next issue of the newsletter.

It looks as though corrections may become a regular feature, and it always slightly puzzles us when those who point out errors are so apologetic. Perhaps we need to make it clear that we are keen to hear about mistakes in the newsletter. Of course we would rather not make them in the first place, but when we do we like to know about it. If nothing else it confirms that the newsletter is read. More importantly it shows that readers care about the quality of the content, and are willing to make an effort to raise standards.  The fact that we sometimes make a mistake hardly comes as a surprise.

More than that.

The whole point of the newsletter is to support the work of the society. It’s a newsletter, not a peer-reviewed academic journal. We hope that members find it informative, and feel that it properly celebrates their pride in our town. We want to raise awareness of issues that concern members, and in doing so, we hope to raise the profile of the society. Content that can be trusted is an important factor in achieving all of that, but it is not the only factor. We assume that readers want content that is varied, interesting, topical,  and readable – as well as accurate. Sometimes they will prefer us to remain on familiar ground, and sometimes we need to try something different.

So please feel able to point out our mistakes. And if we ever stop making them, then please feel just as free to point out that we may not be trying hard enough.

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