Any questions?

The next “Any Questions?” panel discussion will be on Oct 15th.

It’s not to early to start thinking about the topics for discussion this year. As a prompt, there is a list below of the issues that the panel discussed last year, along with a brief summary of the response. All are invited to submit suggested topics for this year to the chair.

Questions discussed in 2012:

  • How to engage younger generations in the work of the Civic Society (raise profile across all generations, ask young people what they think, work with relevant organisations, and help young people demonstrate civic responsibility)
  • How to stop retail spend leaking outside the town (initiatives which capitalise on the distinctive character of Alnwick are welcomed, but we should not exaggerate the extent of the problem)
  • The future of the Corn Exchange (any long-term solution is likely to be contentious, but we still need to find one)
  • Parking (the current situation is unsustainable, but can a better alternative be found while feelings are running so high?)
  • Whether the town had become over-reliant on the castle and gardens (we welcome the visitors they attract, but should also seek alternative ways to bring visitors into Alnwick)
  • What buildings the panel would like to blow up in Alnwick (mainly the bus station)

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