Visit to Berwick

Berwick VisitIn the best tradition of Civic Society trips the weather was perfect for our visit to Berwick Civic Society on 13th July. We began by meeting socially with members of their committee, hosted by Marion Mead Then we were guided on a tour of the town, which began at the heart of Berwick, and worked along the river, round the walls, and back to the Main Guard, where the Civic Society are responsible for a permanent display on the history of the town.

On the way we had plenty of opportunity to admire fine examples of Berwick’s historic townscape, as well as being introduced to some less obvious, but equally interesting aspects of the town’s rich past. We saw the impressive results of recent conservation and improvement work, as well as some of the areas which are currently of concern to the Civic Society.

We came away with a great deal to think about – not least, deciding on the aspects of Alnwick that we want to highlight when Berwick pay us a return visit in September. We are keen to hear suggestions from members of the most impressive, quirky, intriguing, and historic sights of Alnwick that would interest visitors from another Civic Society; the successes we should brag about, and the most important challenges that we currently face.

Meanwhile, our thanks to Alison Cowe (our guide), Marion Mead (treasurer), Zoreen Hill (vice chair), Julia Butler (honorary secretary), Georgie Hill, and other members of Berwick Civic Society for a warm welcome, a thought-provoking discussion and a fascinating tour of their fine town.

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