Alnwick Civic Society

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Design Guide for Shop Fronts

In 1994, in conjunction with the preparation of the Alnwick District Wide Local Plan, Alnwick District Conncil invited Alnwick Civic Society to produce a Design Guide for shop-fronts for use throughout the District. The Guide was to provide a set of standards suitable for the District's historic settlements with the intention that it should be adopted by the Council as part of its policy on retailing, illustrating and expanding upon Appendices C and D of the Local Plan.


The Planning and Economic Development Committee approved the resulting document and agreed to use it as an aid in its judgement of planning applications.

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Streetscape Study

Our study of the Alnwick Streetscape was first published in 2007. Since then much has changed, but the issues behind the original study are still hotly debated. The original report is recreated here, as a contribution to the continuing debate.


Members of Alnwick Civic Society remain optimistic that a better balance can be achieved between the needs of drivers and pedestrians, and confident that implementing more of the recommendations in this report will improve the quality of the townscape, and benefit those who

visit, live and work in Alnwick.

Design Guide for Stonework Repair

The aim of this document is to improve the quality of stonework repairs and renovations in the Alnwick Conservation Area and elsewhere. It was originally produced as a contribution to the Conservation Area Partnership Scheme or Alnwick between English Heritage and the District and County Councils.

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