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Civic Society Awards

Civic Society Award: New apartments at New Row (Ropery Court) by Gentoo


“The design addresses the steeply sloping site very well. The development incorporates a range of materials and provides a pleasant living environment.  The re-creation and enhancement of Stonewell Lane is a particularly strong feature”


Civic society Award: Replacement doorway at 12a Bailiffgate by DP Builders, Hutton Stone, and Vincente Stienlet for Convent of Mercy


“A skilful refurbishment of stone doorway and surround incorporating beautifully carved  new stone heads”


Gordon Smith Award: Shop restoration at Bari Tea, 28 Narrowgate by Caroline Stewart


“Restrained and appropriate renewal works. The simple but stylish shop front and signage are particularly successful”


Commendation: New apartments and shops at Clayport Street / Lagny Street by Gentoo


“New gateway development into the town centre of appropriate scale and presence. The Commendation is for the high quality of the new stonework and roofing”


Commendation: Restoration of traditional pub name at Black Swan Public House, 26 Narrowgate by Michael Ashurst and  Amar Roopra


“Restoring the original traditional name for this public house is of sufficient merit to justify a commendation”


Commendation: New shopfront at Costa Coffee, 69 Bondgate Within by SGM Management and Design for Costa Coffee/ Whitbread


“Retention and refurbishment of the existing stone arches in this modern shop front scheme is welcomed.  The commendation is also for the use of an individually lettered shop sign”


John Howells Award: Repair works at Alnwick Methodist Church, Chapel Lane by Len Smith and Son for Alnwick Methodist Church


“Awarded for the skilful repair of an existing stone roof feature and the refurbishment of stone windows, following storm damage”

Each year the Civic Society recognises projects that have made a noteworthy contribution to the built environment. We aim to encourage high standards in conservation and development and the purpose of the awards is to raise awareness, stimulate interest, and to recognise and reward best practice.


Alnwick Civic Society invites local people to suggest recent development projects in Alnwick which merit an award in 2013.


Anyone who considers that a recent development looks particularly good and enhances the town can let us know by the end of July 2013 and we will consider it for a 2013 Alnwick Civic Society Award.


The award criteria are that the project has been completed within the last 12 months, makes a positive contribution to the townscape and demonstrates good design and workmanship.


The size of the development does not matter.


Nominations can be made by email to alncivsoc[at]hotmail[dot]co [dot]uk or by post to Susan Smith, honorary secretary, Alnwick Civic Society, 10 Percy Terrace, Alnwick, Northumberland, NE66 1AF.


The 2012 awards were nominated by members, selected by the executive committee, and presented by Chris Mullin at Barter Books on 18th September.