Alnwick Civic Society

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How you can help

We are an entirely community-led and funded group. We arrange interesting talks, and debates which are open to all; and visits (sometimes to places not otherwise open to the public).


All who share our aims can support our work: by joining as an individual, family or business member; by participating in activities, by sharing ideas, raising areas of concern and pointing out examples of good practice.


Or simply by demonstrating pride in our town,

and spreading the word about the value of our work.

Our Annual General Meeting will be held on 21st March

at 7:30pm in St. James Centre, Pottergate. If you are interested in joining the committee, or helping in any other

way, then this would be a good time to get in touch.

Why does Alnwick have a Civic Society?

Alnwick Civic Society was formed in 1974, following the defeat of proposals to re-develop the town centre with a concrete shopping area. Since then we have sought to influence developments, especially in the town centre and Conservation Area, to ensure they protect and enhance our heritage.

How does the Society do this?

We monitor and comment on planning applications. We have a statutory right to do so, which we exercise to support good practice and object to inappropriate development.


We seek to influence proposals, to ensure they protect and enhance our heritage. We have produced guides to Shopfront Design and Stonework Repair, which were formally adopted by the former Alnwick District Council.


We encourage good practice and raise awareness of the value of our townscape, through our Civic Society Awards, Children’s Essay competition, Public Meetings, Guided Trails, and a variety of other activities.


We provide a voice for members, maintain a dialogue with planning and conservation professionals, and are heavily involved in development of the Alnwick and Denwick Neighbourhood Plan. We work with local partners to influence policy at a county level, and seek to influence national policy as a founding member of Civic Voice.

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